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Oak Frame Garden Offices

Office  -  Workshop  -  Gym

‘Work from the comfort of your home’

Adding Value

Garden offices enable you to work from the comfort of your own home while maintaining a professional atmosphere.  Giving you a secluded place to retreat away from the noise and distraction of every day life.  


With countless options of design and sizes these garden offices can be tailored to your requirements.  Besides a garden office the uses are almost endless from home gyms to party huts these can really transform your property's value.


With the option for either oak frame or softwood these value adding offices can suit all budgets.


Self Assemble Kits

We offer the option to purchase your Oak Frame in kit form.  This enables you to construct the frame yourself.  With traditional jointing techniques you can easily construct each frame.  With each self assemble kit each joint is labelled with its matching counterpart.  Also we supply CGI drawings to explain the construction and design of the Oak Frame.

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